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Smart Smart Bird Feeder
Smart Smart Bird Feeder Bird Lover smart bird feeder, 1080P HD camera with mobile App Control, AI bird recognition, Bird detection, Solar energy power supply, Playback function, Automatically capture photos and videos for the feather visitors Learn more
Magenta bee-eaters
Nov.29.23 The bee-eater family, Meropidae, is a group of birds known for their vibrant plumage and unique feeding habits. This family includes several species of bee-eaters found in various parts of the world.
Features to Consider Before Buying a Smart Bird Feeder With Video Camera
Nov.03.23 When it comes to keeping your feathered friends fed, nothing beats the convenience of a digital bird feeder. Not only does a smart bird feeder allow you to monitor and control your bird-feeding activity from afar, it can also be equipped with a range of unique features to accommodate any bird-feeding needs.