Bird Lover ---Smart bird recognition feeder
Bird Lover ---Smart bird recognition feeder Learn more
Bird Lover ---Smart bird recognition feeder
Smart Smart Bird Feeder
Smart Smart Bird Feeder Bird Lover smart bird feeder, 1080P HD camera with mobile App Control, AI bird recognition, Bird detection, Solar energy power supply, Playback function, Automatically capture photos and videos for the feather visitors Learn more
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Best Bird Feeders With Built-in Cameras
Oct.28.22 Clean energy bird feeder charges with solar power or USB Nature fusion design with a large food storage capacity Allows multiple people to view feeder activity Smart technology with AI Identify and app notifications Perfect gift for bird lovers
How to identify a bird?
Sep.26.22 When you see a beautiful bird singing a lovely song, will you wonder what its name is? This article will tell you how to identify a bird with its group, shape, color, marking, habbitat, behavior and voice.
A new innovative smart bird feeder with camera, make birdwatching more easy
Aug.19.22 Advantages of feeding birds in your garden, how to place a right bird feeder.